Dawn of a New Day and a New You

God the maker of all creation knows you. All that is you. Our thoughts are not hidden from Him nor can we hide in darkness as He knows where we are.

He knows us inside and out.  He knew us as we were being made in our Mothers womb.   He knows our triumphs and failures.  He knew our mistakes before we made them.

It’s through God’s redemption on the cross that forgiveness and grace are gifted to us.  There is not a sin that the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ can’t cover. In the eyes of God through His redemption we are unblemished, washed cleaned, white as snow.

Have your sins weighed so heavy upon your soul that bearing them is an insurmountable strain on your heart and mind?  God the Alpha and Omega knew you before you were born and counts you worthy.  Do we deserve such mercy? No. We deserve what we have sown.  But, our beloved Father thought otherwise.

No sin can keep you from the loving arms of our Savior. Not adultery, abortion, violence, idolatry, divorce, any type of sexual fornication, or any form of addiction can keep you from your Maker.

If you have confessed your sins before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and have walked away from your old life and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior then you are a new creation through His forgiveness, mercy and grace.

The thing is, you now have to forgive yourself.

Don’t allow the condemnation of your sins and mistakes made in your life deter you from being all that God wants you to be.

The story of our lives will include setbacks and failures.  It’s how we learn.  It’s looking through these events how we identify our own growth.  He blesses and uses what makes us individually unique and masterfully uses all of what makes us “US” to do his most magnificent work.

You and I are a new creation in Christ every day. In Colossians Chapter 3 we learn that we put away our old selves and put on our new self in Christ. This newness isn’t a one time thing.  This happens daily. As the sun rises and the day is made new so am I and so are you.


Karen Meier is a Writer, Speaker and Blogger. In her spare time she takes long walks with her husband.

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