Living Your Best Self

Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Knowing yourself; most will say that they know themselves pretty well. But do they? Or a good question for myself, “Do I?”

In reading this, you may be thinking, “I do know myself.” Allow me to pose these questions to you.

  1. Does what you do and who you portray yourself to be governed by past mistakes?
  2. Do you look at yourself through the lens of what others say about you?
  3. Do you bend and ignore parts of your likes and passions based upon another person’s needs and wants?
  4. If you are honest with yourself does living your life according to external pressures and expectations weigh heavily on your soul?
  5. Do you feel confined, limited and suffocated?

For me, I lived for more than twenty years in the confined space of all five of these questions.  I was not living true to how God made me to be.  This epiphany was the beginning of my now life-long evolution of living authentic and true to who I am intended to be.  That is experiencing and viewing self-discovery through the lens of how God sees me and how God sees you.

Psalm 139 tells us that God knew us before we were even knitted in our mothers’ womb.  The word “knew in this Psalm 139 means knowing someone in their entirety before they existed. That is God knew you in and through your whole life before you were even born.  Yes, he knows what we think before we think it,  he knows what we are going to say before the words leave our lips, he knows what motivates us, he knows what makes us happy and fulfills us, he knows our fears, anxieties and failures.  He knew us when he completed his redemption work on the cross and counted us worthy.  It’s living your life in light of this worthiness where we start to discover are true worth, value, and this is where your first steps begin in living your true authentic self.


Karen Meier is a Writer, Speaker and Blogger. In her spare time she takes long walks with her husband.

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