Karen Meier Bible teacher for understanding of Grace and Forgiveness.

Karen Meier is an inspiring, engaging speaker that will captivate your audience no matter your event. Whether you are looking for a speaker to inspire a women’s event or retreat,  nonprofit team,  or youth conference.

Karen’s ability to speak Gods biblical truths in today’s contemporary way educates, enlightens, and empowers those to step out in faith, find freedom and strength to live a victorious Christ-Centric life.

A partial list of Karen’s topics follows below. Please note that Karen enjoys molding any topic to the theme of your conference, seminar or retreat. 


Grace 101

The power to live a Christ centric life is found in Grace.  Learn how God uses his amazing grace to shape us to boldly move forward beyond our own boundaries to step out in faith start a ripple effect within our own sphere of influence.

Dawn of a New Day & a New You

Don’t allow the condemnation of your sins and mistakes made in your life deter you from being all that God wants you to be.

The story of our lives will include setbacks and failures.  It’s how we learn.  It’s looking through these events how we identify our own growth.  He blesses and uses what makes us individually unique and masterfully uses all of what makes us “US” to do his most magnificent work.

Hire Karen To Speak At Your Next Event.

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